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Investing in Children’s Future: Education, Health, and Nutritious Meals for All!

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Our Mission

Feed That Kid Global’s mission is to ensure that food-insecure children have access to nutritious food daily. Feed That Kid Global is committed to combatting food insecurity because the inaccessibility of nourishing and wholesome food is not something that any child should ever have to endure.

Feed That Kid

Though we acknowledge global hunger and poverty, we have seen first-hand the effects hunger has on the poorest communities in the world outside of the United States and most of the time these communities lack even the most basic necessities to thrive.

Investing in kids’ Future: Education, Health, and Nutritious Meals for All!

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You can make a difference with small donations for meals starting from $1


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Your generosity helps feed those in need. You can simply donate $5 for a child’s one day meal.


Generous Donations

Consider making generous donations, to help provide meals for those in need.

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Why us

Our Vision

Feed That Kid Global strives to change the cycle of underserved and impoverished children who do not have a space to live a thriving life, are malnourished, and have little to no access to one of the most essential resources to our existence – food.


Understanding and sharing the challenges faced by underserved children


Making sure that kids are attending school for better future


A strong desire to help and alleviate their suffering


Belief in the potential for positive change and a brighter future for these children

Daily activities

Supporting Kids to combat hunger

Improved Health and Nutrition

Addressing hunger ensures that individuals have access to sufficient and nutritious food, leading to improved overall health, reduced malnutrition rates, and enhanced well-being.

Education and Learning

When children receive adequate nutrition, it positively impacts their cognitive development, concentration, and learning abilities. By combatting hunger, you can contribute to creating an environment where children have the nourishment needed to thrive academically.

Poverty Reduction

Hunger and poverty are interconnected. By addressing hunger, you can help break the cycle of poverty by providing individuals with the sustenance needed to pursue economic opportunities and improve their livelihoods.

Economic Growth

Adequate nutrition plays a crucial role in workforce productivity and economic development. By ensuring access to food, you can help foster a healthier and more productive population, contributing to overall economic growth and stability.

Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Combating hunger involves building resilient and sustainable agricultural systems, promoting food production, and improving access to nutritious and locally sourced food. These efforts contribute to long-term food security in Belize.

Social Stability and Well-Being

Hunger and food insecurity can lead to social unrest and instability. By addressing these issues, you can promote social cohesion, reduce inequalities, and create a more harmonious and equitable society.

What Donor say
Shot of a volunteer doctor examining a young patient with a stethoscope at a charity event.

Addressing hungry children’s meal requirements is crucial for their growth and development. Nutritious meals provide the necessary fuel for their bodies and minds. Let’s come together to ensure every child in the world has access to the meals they need for a brighter future.

Anonymous Donor

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Health + Meals = Well-being

Fueling Potential, Fostering Health: Supporting Nutrition in the world