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Together Towards Progress: Belize Initiative


Unite for Belize: Creating Lasting Impact

Together, we can make a significant impact in combatting hunger in Belize. Let’s unite our efforts, raise awareness, and take action to ensure that no child or family goes to bed hungry.


Food Insecure Children

These are children who experience food insecurity, meaning they lack consistent access to adequate and nutritious food. They may come from low-income families or face other circumstances that limit their access to regular meals.


Malnourished Children

These children suffer from malnutrition, which can result from a lack of essential nutrients in their diet. Malnourished children may exhibit stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and cognitive or developmental issues due to insufficient nourishment.


Underprivileged Children

These are children who face various socioeconomic challenges, including limited resources and opportunities. They may struggle to afford nutritious meals, making them vulnerable to hunger and its adverse effects on their physical and cognitive development.

With Mr. Campbell (Principal) and Miss Jackson (Teacher), Belize
With the Hon. Minister of Education, Belize
Mr. Francis Fonseca